Donor Dollars at Work

The bulk of funding for the mission of EFNC comes through the generous contributions of individuals, corporations and public & private Foundations. We consider ourselves incredibly honored to earn this financial vote of confidence, support and recognition by our community. Further, we acknowledge that we are stewards of the donor dollars and work diligently to invest the money in a strategic, thoughtful and effective manner.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance recommends that nonprofit organizations should spend at least 65% of their total expenses on programs and no more than 35% on fundraising.


As shown in the graph, we are proud to report that we are well within those limits. In fact, at 12% Administrative and 7% Fundraising, we are well below the 35% fundraising limit, and $.81 of every dollar is used to fund research into new therapies, education and awareness, and advocacy efforts.


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