Support Groups


Group support is an important resource for anyone living with a chronic illness. Support groups are led by either trained professionals or peers with extensive personal experience coping with epilepsy and its impact on families and caregivers. These support groups provide knowledge and understanding along with an opportunity for attendees to share experiences and resources in a confidential setting.

Having epilepsy or caring for someone with epilepsy can be very challenging.  Things that are often taken for granted–driving, access to medical care, working, learning, building relationships–are compromised.  A support group gives individuals a place to talk about these issues with others who share in this experience and understand what support is needed.  It is also a place for information exchange and resource sharing. 


We invite you to attend any of these in-person groups
Below is a list of the upcoming support groups with details, including date and time, facilitator name and contact information.  If you do not see a group in your area, we welcome you to contact us to start the process of creating a group in your county! Search by your address or zip code to find support groups near you.




MyEpilepsyTeam is a free, password-protected social network where you can connect with others in the epilepsy community on your phone, tablet or computer. You can share tips, support, Q&A, provider referrals and more with other people who “get it”.

  • MyEpilepsyTeam is a completely independent social network.
  • MyEpilepsyTeam NEVER shares the personally identifying information of its members with anyone!
  • MyEpilepsyTeam is a monitored site that does not allow selling of any services or products.


For questions or more information about support groups, please contact our Assistant Director, Kelly Bertenthal, at or call 510-922-8687.