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2014 Candlelight Gala

THANK YOU all for attending and supporting our sold out 2014 Candlelight Gala! Your support makes our mission for epilepsy care and cure possible.

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Project Access
Children's Storybooks about Epilepsy
Epilepsy is a complex condition that can be difficult for children to understand. As parents and educators, we know that children enjoy learning through stories, and that stories are often a role model of behavior. This flyer contains a list of suggested children's books for the purpose of helping children understand what epilepsy is, and how it may affect their life. Parents and teachers can also use these books to help other children learn about epilepsy, and understand what happens to their peer during a seizure.
Seizure Description Tool
These documents provide graphic illustrations of common seizure behaviors.  This is an excellent tool for parents to complete.  This can then be provided to their child's doctor to better describe what is happening to their child during a seizure. 
Preschool Guide for Epilepsy
A resource guide for Pre-schools and Child Care centers.  Provides tips on ways to positively support children's educational, emotional, and physical well being.
Legal Rights of Children with Epilepsy in School and Child Care
This is a 182 page manual that provides thorough information surrounding best practices and the rights of children and youth with epilepsy who are attending school/daycare centers. This manual was drafted by an attorney at the Maryland Disability Law Center and was produced by the National Epilepsy Foundation.
Sample 504 Plan
This document will be beneficial for students/families/school personnel that are drafting a 504 plan. The information provides detailed information about seizures/epilepsy and is a good reference for tailoring accommodations to individual needs. The Sample 504 Plan was created by the National Epilepsy Foundation.
Seizure Observation Form
This blank document should be kept on file at schools so that if a student experiences a seizure, school personnel can provide written notes to the parent/guardian regarding what the seizure looked like. The Seizure Observation Record was created by the National Epilepsy Foundation.
Seizure Action Plan
This document will aid families and schools in appropriately responding to a seizure. This document should be completed by the parent/guardian of a child with epilepsy and their physician. The Seizure Action Plan was created by the National Epilepsy Foundation.
Parent Questionnaire
This document provides detailed information about the students epilepsy/seizure disorder including the medication prescribed and behaviors to look for that may indicate the student is having a seizure. To be completed by the parent/guardian of students with epilepsy. The Parent Questionnaire was created by the National Epilepsy Foundation.
Parent Questionnaire-Sample
This document will aid parents in completing the Parent Questionnaire. The Sample Parent Questionnaire was created by the National Epilepsy Foundation.
What Teachers Need To Know
This document provides basic but useful information about epilepsy that will assist teachers and their aides in learning basic facts about epilepsy. What Teachers Need to Know was created by the National Epilepsy Foundation.
Medication Substitution
Provides information about the concerns related to medication substitution. 
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