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 Seizure Information

            Questions and Answers                                                            

About Partial Seizures         First Aid for Seizures       Seizure Recognition and First Aid

Legal Rights, Legal Issues               Medicines for Epilepsy                             Driving and You

Seizures and Safety             Seizures and Sleep          Treatment and You            True or False?

Surgery for Epilepsy         Talking to Your Doctor         Vagal Nerve Stimulation

When Seizures Don't Look Like Seizures


Seizures in Adult Life      Seizures in Later Life

Children and Teens
A Child's Guide to Seizure Disorders        Seizures in Childhood                Seizures in the Teen Years


Information for Caregivers                Ketogenic Diet                  Children and Seizures

Learning and School Performance

    The Teacher's Role                        Being a Mom            Education and Day Care 

 Being a Woman                Bone Health and You            Hormones and You