26 Challenge

Share Seizure First Aid with Others!

Accept the 26 Challenge to teach Seizure First Aid to 26 or more people during National Epilepsy Awareness Month OR any month of the year! And don’t stop at 26 people! You can do this:


  1. Take a Seizure First Aid Poster to your school, workplace, gym, place of worship, book club, etc. and use it to teach others and post it on the wall for more people to read. Download the poster!
  2. Share Seizure First Aid on your social channels and invite at least 26 of your friends to SHARE your post and include hashtag #SeizureFirstAid #EndEpilepsy. Watch the video.
  3. Teach Seizure First Aid at every opportunity – your barber or hairdresser, grocer, teacher, garbage collector, people at the bus stop, someone on the bus, train or plane, your Uber or Lyft driver.
  4. Share your experiences teaching Seizure First Aid on social media using #SeizureFirstAid #EndEpilepsy because that will help reach even more people.


Because if epilepsy can affect anyone with a brain,
then everyone needs to know Seizure First Aid.
You got this!