EFNC North Coast & Cascade Region

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the North Coast Cascades Region led by Julee and Curtis Gould.

Julee S. Gould
Born in Nashville, Tennessee from two foreigners from Thailand and Laos. Julee grew up in a small town Visalia, CA and comes from a large family of 4 siblings. Working with Hill Physicians Medical Group for more than 10 years, she has grown this skill and passion to support and help others. Executives have described Julee to be extremely capable and dedicated with strong analytical and communication skills backed by her solid technical background. Julee works with clients, friends, coworkers, executives, peers, and the community adapting her analysis and communication techniques to help succeed their goal. She has worked with Marketing executives among other senior management in managing provider network directory with nearly 4,000 physicians, 11 contracted health plans, ensuring programming and development accuracy. Julee has been awarded for her leadership, process improvement, consistent consideration to consumers, end-users, and peers. Founder of Gouldini’s Web Design and Services, Julee utilizes her technical skills to provide technical support and web design services to small business at an affordable cost so they can focus on growing. She had her first seizure 4 months pregnant with her daughter. The experiences she endured living with Epilepsy has created a beautiful life. A life she and her family slowly created as they learned how to live with the challenges of Epilepsy. Julee and her family now use their resources to bring help and support to what she would call her Epilepsy Family and family of supporters.

Curtis Gould, Jr.
Born in Southern California, growing up with a strong single mom in the Bay Area, and graduating from Dublin High School, he has met and worked with many people. His wife would say, “Everywhere we go, no matter the city or state, we run into someone he knows.” Curtis is a great man and really hard to forget. His presence and personality will capture your heart or, at the least, your interest. As the Founder of his clothing brand WETHANDS BRAND, a fashion line geared to encourage society to not be afraid to give things a try, Curtis utilizes his personal resources to bring the community together and raise awareness for epilepsy, Autism, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, etc. Through WETHANDS BRAND sales, a portion of the proceeds of the T-shirts with purple ribbons are donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California. Curtis has been awarded multiple times for his elite customer service and providing professional yet excellent experience for his consumers or clients. His passion for Epilepsy Awareness grows from the love for his wife and also knowing and experiencing the challenges of living with epilepsy. He’s also the Co-Founder of Gouldini’s Web Design, where he helps manage client accounts, design, and development. He previously worked for Hill Physicians Medical Group, a great Independent Physician Association where he provided Internal Office Support to physician offices for the Sacramento Region, including practice manager meetings, information on clinical measures/preventative measures, and working with staff on process improvement and claims inquiries. Today, Curtis is focused on bringing his resources to his local community and helping raise awareness & support for the North Coast & Cascade Region.

Julee and Curtis Gould