After School – Art

May 11, 2021
 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm 

We are excited to bring a virtual after school program for the 2020-2021 school year! Music, art, cooking, and other special events will be offered on a monthly basis throughout the school year! Please note that these programs will be given over via Zoom so access to internet and a computer or tablet is needed.


Children with epilepsy ages 9-17 

*Please contact us if child is outside age group and wishes to join!


-Free, however consistent participation is necessary!


Monthly recurrent activities through the school year November 2020- May 2021

  • First week – music 
  • Second week – art 
  • Third week – cooking class
  • Fourth week – special event

*If a month falls with five Tuesdays the last one will not have an activity 


-All activities will take place via Zoom. There may be some special event activities that could turn to in-person depending on social distance and COVID-19 safety regulations. 

Registration link: 


Art: Kiona Medina

Kiona Medina is a Colombian-born expressive arts therapist and facilitator with 12yrs of experience working in community mental health. She currently lives and works in Richmond. She is very passionate about the intersections of spirituality, arts, play and community. Her groups are about fostering connections to self and others using the arts, nature and creativity.