Coelho Epilepsy Youth Summer Camp

June 25, 2017 - June 30, 2017

CYO Summer Camp
2136 Bohemian Hwy
Occidental CA


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Thanks to all for another great summer camp!!

Special thanks to Camp Photographer &
Director and Cinematographer Miles Levin!

The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California’s Coelho Epilepsy Youth Summer Camp gives its young participants an unforgettable experience. For one week kids ages 9-17 get together to enjoy the great outdoors and the friendships that come with a trip to camp – but also leave behind some of the challenges that epilepsy can bring to their daily lives. Surrounded – some for the first time – by dozens of other kids who know exactly what having epilepsy means, they need not worry about what people might think if they have a seizure because they’ll be supported around the clock by physicians and nurses specialized in epilepsy care.

Coelho Epilepsy Youth Summer Camp provides an enjoyable residential camping experience for children with epilepsy, develops self-esteem by promoting self-confidence, builds lasting friendships, and fosters independence in a fun and safe environment away from home. Parents are comforted knowing that medical professionals are with campers throughout the entire week (both day and night). Medication schedules are strictly controlled by nurses who ensure campers receive their proper medication each day.

Transportation is not included. All parents are responsible for transportation to and from camp.

Through generous donations, the foundation is able to offer full and partial scholarships to many campers, based on financial need. Thank you to all the donors who have made camp possible for many children! Please consider making a donation to support Coelho Epilepsy Youth Summer Camp.

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