Living with Epilepsy: Childhood through Adulthood

September 16, 2017

Valley Children's Hospital
9300 Valley Children's Place
Madera CA


A Community Education Conference

Join the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California for our Living with Epilepsy Conference “Childhood through Adulthood”. Whether you are a caregiver, friend, and individual living with epilepsy, or just interested – this will be a great day with lots of information!

If you would like to take a look at the power points used at the event click below:

Epilepsy Management in Schools

Epilepsy Transition to Adulthood


Epilepsy – Childhood through Adulthood


8:30-9:00       Light breakfast, registration
9:00-9:20       Introduction Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California
9:30-10:30     Speaker 1 – Epilepsy 101

  • Common Seizure Types in Childhood, Adolescence and Adult Treatment Options

Issues on Adolescence
10: 45-11:30   Speaker 2: School Concerns:

  • School RN Issues/concerns, medications in school and the law, safety precautions and medication compliance, other school accommodations

11:30-12:30    Breakout session/ lunch

  • Mental Health – School Psychologist
  • Mental Health Concerns and when to seek out help
  • Bullying
  • Teaching Child/Teen to advocate for self
  • Treatment Options – Medication
  • Treatment Options – Surgery / Medical Device
  • CVRC – Adult transition issues / vocational / Conservatorship
  • 504/IEP Academic Issues – Academic Advisors or Psychologist

Transition to Adulthood
12:45-1:30    Speaker 3 Transitions

  • Finding and transitioning to an Adult Provider, best course of treatment, driving, medication compliance, and family planning/ pregnancy

1:35-2:00      Panel

  • Parent with an adolescent
  • Adult patient
  • Providers

2:00-2:15     Closing remarks

Coffee, breakfast snacks and lunch included.

Children’s “Living with Epilepsy” will take place between 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. in an adjacent room for children ages 4-12.

$10 registration fee, $5 for children

Scholarships Available – email

Directions to the event Click Here

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