Gina Blackwell Birthday Fundraiser

Fundraising Campaign for my Birthday

My story:

I apparently have had epilepsy my entire life due to bilateral hetertopia. We did not know about the hetertopia until I was 24 years old and began to have my first seizures. Although epilepsy been very challenging I am overcoming my challenges with the support of my entire family and friends. I have been able complete my degree in social work.

The reason I want raise money for the foundation is there are so many people unaware and uneducated about epilepsy. I learn something new everyday and I want to help other people learn more about epilepsy too. I hope to use my degree and my personal experience to make change for people with epilepsy and their families. I would like to be a part of finding a cure for epilepsy.

Gina Marie Blackwell


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My dad and me, he past away when I was 13 years old.

My mother is the woman in glasses. My sister is in front in a dress. This is my mom’s family. She has 5 siblings. Unfortunately 1 has past away and 1 was not there when the photo was taken. My mom has 1 brother in the blue shirt and his wife is in the green top. There is a total of 14 kids on this side of the family. They are all slowly getting married and starting families of their own. We are always here for each other.

My cousins on my dad’s side minus 1. It’s amazing to see each one of my cousins. They are a great and mentors through out my life. They all have families of their own and it is great to see how big this little family has grown.

This is my best friend and my little sister. After all the traumatic events while in the hospital my took her time to brush and braid my hair.

A few of my close girlfriends. We have been great friends for many years. This is my first outing without family supervision after my surgery.

Me and my sis paying homage to our father. His first motorcycle was a triumph hence me his eldest daughter wearing a triumph shirt. His second motorcycle was a Harley so his youngest daughter is wearing the Harley T-shirt. Just being silly!

My mom, sis and me. My greatest cheerleaders and the best caretakers a girl could ask for. I would not be here without them.