2021 Empowerment Scholarship

Hidden Truths Project

Hidden Truths Project is dedicated to engaging and empowering individuals impacted by invisible and visible disabilities through the arts and to raise social consciousness on the injustices directed towards these members of our society.

Many individuals with epilepsy face discrimination, encountered challenges in education, employment, personal relationships, and have consistently shared that they want to feel normal (STEP survey). Hidden Truths Project is excited to introduce the 2021 Empowerment Scholarship to graduating seniors with epilepsy who are interested in pursuing higher education in the arts, advocacy work, or healthcare. The scholarship is offered to students who have chosen to pursue post-secondary education through a community or 4-year college, technical school, art school, or other means of training in these fields.


The Empowerment Scholarship is a means to recognize these individuals, assist them in their journey, abolish stigma and discrimination directed against them, and provide a means to feel competitive in a world that doesn’t understand.