PEP Steps to Employment





  1. Call, e-mail or fill out this online application to gene
  2. rate a meeting with PEP Jobs personnel.
  3. A representative will schedule an appointment with you.
  4. Meet with the representative at CPMC Davies Campus, South Tower Level B, San Francisco, CA 94114
  5. If interested in participating, you must first sign up here with the CA Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).
  6. When your application is complete, DOR can refer you back to PEP Jobs to start placement services.
  7. Once referred, your representative can begin preparing and assisting your job search with any of the following:
    • writing a cover letter & resume
    • practicing interview questions
    • providing networking strategies
    • contacting employers on your behalf
    • accompanying you to a job interview
    • attending local job fairs with you
  8. Your representative can meet with you weekly until employment is secured.
  9. For the first 3 months, PEP Jobs will monitor you at your worksite to ensure that the position is going smoothly.
  10. In leaving a position, you can always re-apply for job placement services.
  11. Scroll down to see the employers who have hired and read client success stories!

In moving forward, you can contact Tom Post @ 415-600-4875 /

Best of luck!