Research Spotlight

Research and development of new tools to fight and better understand seizures are critical aspects of our mutual goal to create a seizure-free world. We want to help organizations get your feedback and participation to shorten the time for those tools to get to market. Our first Research Spotlight is focused on Eysz.

“Rachel Kuperman, a pediatric neurologist, spent 10 years directing the clinical epilepsy and research programs at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland.  During her time there she was frustrated that she did not have the seizure data she needed to provide the best care possible for her patients. In 2018, she took matters into her own hand and founded Eysz Inc, where she is leading a team in developing an eye tracker to identify seizures and side effects from medications. At Eysz, we are currently working to better understand the challenges of living with epilepsy and we would love to hear from patients, caregivers, and families about your journey. If you have 15 minutes to share with us, please reach out to”